Breitling Super Ocean Culture II and Tudor Who You Choose

Breitling and Tudor jointly, the Breitling Tudor provides self-produced B01 self-winding chronograph movement, Tudor offers Breitling produced its own MT5612 three-pin calendar movement, because before this, Tudor and Cheap Breitling Replica in the brand positioning There are disparities, so such a “leapfrog” type of cooperation, people are puzzled, not to mention the two movements are the main movement in use. However, this does reflect a problem that Breitling at least in the near future does not intend to develop their own basic movement, and Tudor does not intend to develop their own chronograph movement, the benefits of doing so is obvious, reducing R & D costs, but also to meet Vacancies in the respective product line, is a double benefit, for experts, may feel so-called, but for a larger group of consumers, the brand is not the movement of their own research and development, as long as the product Good quality, good design, good price, you can win the consumer market.

Commonplace, talk about the product or to first look at this product. Breitling Replica style and positioning we are familiar with, hardcore, very Man, even the smaller, such as the challenger 36 mm ladies watches, can see very sharp lines and edges, apparently not suitable for ladies type girl. Breitling rarely female models, on the other hand, its men’s watch is very rich, super marine culture series English name is Super Ocean Heritage, and Super Ocean series is the biggest difference is that it’s more classical design and heritage, and super Ocean is a very pure diving tool table. In general, the Breitling partial tool-type watches, its logo is with wings, and more elegant watch, logo is the word “B”, and often three-dimensional gold, looks more simple, but also More luxurious.

This year’s newly launched Breitling Replica Watches Super Ocean Culture Series II, with two dimensions, a 42 mm, a 46 mm, and original super marine culture series did not change much in overall design, but with a few minor changes. The first is the change of the pointer, this is very obvious, the original pointer is the hour hand and pencil-type minute hand, while the second generation of the arrow is stretched the hour hand, and add a bar in the middle, from personal preferences, I still prefer The original design, relatively simple. Followed by the minute hand, minute hand from the pencil type, has also become a sword-shaped, or diamond-shaped. In addition, the location of the calendar has also changed, the second generation of super marine culture calendar window at 6 o’clock position, the generation of the 3 o’clock position, this is very obvious. Other words, bezel, bracelet little change in what, yes, there are some changes in the crown, but not as clear as the Replica Watches UK above two, so do not mention worth mentioning. These are the obvious distinguishing marks of the second generation and the first generation. As the second generation is listed, we need to understand the difference between the two.

After a new upgrade super marine culture series second generation Cheap Breitling Replica, there are some more important upgrades, such as the use of ceramic bezel, the most important is the internal equipped with a B20 automatic mechanical movement, the basic movement of Tudor MT5612, can provide at least 70 hours of kinetic energy storage, while the original B17 movement, the basic movement of the ETA 2824-2. In essence, the new generation of super-marine culture, the second generation, has more than one and a half stars.