Breitling Replica The Legendary AVI Ref. 765

In the long history of pilot fake watches, there is perhaps no more visually iconic chronograph than the 1953 Breitling AVI Ref. 765 “Co-Pilot.” While its Navitimer stablemate may be more famous, the clean simple forms and external rotating steel bezel of the AVI ref. 765 became the de facto template for pilot chronographs for decades, influencing designs from the likes of Dodane and even Breguet.

All three iterations of the AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition begin with a 41mm case. Apart from a very minor upsizing from the original, this reissue case is nigh-on identical to the 1953 original. The lugs may be a touch longer, and the 12-hour bidirectional rotating bezel is just a hair wider with slightly bolder numerals, but, overall, the Breitling Replica stainless steel case offers a far more faithful experience than most vintage reissues.

If the case material of the red gold version adds a warmth to the overall dial design, the platinum edition makes a conscious effort to move the Replica Watches UK in the opposite direction. Here, a desaturated midnight blue replaces the stark black, drawing in tones from the case material and creating something that feels more contemporary and cleaner. In addition, the platinum variant also receives hand-applied lume.

Breitling Replica fits each version of the AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition with a heavily contrast stitched leather strap. For the stainless steel version, this strap is a supple satin black, while the 18-karat gold model is paired with distressed tobacco brown, and the cooler tones of the platinum version are contrasted with a warm saddle tan.