Breitling Issued An Emergency Replica Watches

Ultimate security

Breitling emergency rescue night task watch

he world’s first built-in dual-band personal positioning beacon Cheap Breitling Replica emergency help watch now launched three special edition models – black titanium case with bright yellow, bright orange embellishment or blue mother of pearl dial. Three strong style of design, so that this high-tech survival instrument even more extraordinary charm.

Breitling Replica wrist watch built-in micro-emergency distress signal transmitter and original built-in antenna system for the global professionals and adventurers to provide all-terrain multi-field security. Today, this excellent watch to add three new armor, together with the task to deal with, extraordinary achievements feat.

Titanium case by high-strength carbonization treatment, not only particularly light and strong, but also to cool cool black decorate a new. Satin matte surface like a “invisible” war clothing, in the critical moment of the crisis, no glare troubled, Breitling Replica Watches bringing more reliable security.

The first special edition emergency night watch the use of orange pointer and time scale, and the same eye-catching bright color rubber strap, and black case and dial to form a perfect contrast. This strong contrast design in the second section of the special edition section has also been a clear embodiment of cool black and bright yellow with the perfect, it is bright. The third section of the special edition of the Replica Watches is more refined and delicate way to build, dial with midnight blue mother of pearl, with the same color rubber strap complement each other.

Breitling emergency wrist watch with personal positioning beacon, and in line with Cospas-Sarsat global satellite search and rescue system special requirements of the dual-band transmitter, which can send a distress signal and guide the search and rescue tasks. At the same time, as a “professional wrist instrument”, Cheap Breitling Replica night mission watch equipped with more than 10 times the normal quartz movement precision Breitling Super QuartzTM temperature compensation super quartz movement, and has the highest accuracy and reliability benchmark Swiss official observatory certification.

Whether in the land, sea or air to implement the most dangerous tasks, or challenge the extreme sports, always strengthen security.

Movement: 100 years Ling 76 movement, SuperQuartzTM temperature compensation super quartz movement, the Swiss official Observatory certification, 12/24 hours simulation and LCD digital display, the remaining power display; timing accuracy of 1/100 second; countdown; second time zone Display; multi-language calendar display. Dual frequency emergency distress transmitter: 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz.

Case: black titanium; waterproof performance of up to 5 atmospheres; curved sapphire crystal, double-sided anti-glare treatment; two-way rotating bezel; diameter: 51 mm.

Dial: volcanic black, pearl blue.

Strap: TwinPro Two-tone Rubber Strap.